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How Snapfish works

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Upload digital photos to Snapfish

Do you have a digital camera? It is fast and easy to upload your photos to Snapfish, where you can store and share your photos for free. Visit Snapfish, select 'Upload photos' in the menu on the right, and choose the photos on your computer to upload. Find out more

Get high-quality prints

At Snapfish, you can order professionally-developed prints of any photos in your account, in a variety of sizes. Your prints are always on professional-quality paper. Plus, Snapfish saves you money with great prices. Prints are $0.15 each. Find out more

Share and store free

Your Snapfish account is limitless - and free! Store as many photos as you want, and share them online. Snapfish helps you avoid huge email attachements that clog your friend's email boxes. And you no longer have to mail messy stacks of prints to your family. Find out more

Organize your photos

Organize your photos into albums. Write captions. Rotate photos so that they are upright. And invite friends to write comments in your Guest Book. It is easy to keep your photos organized in your Snapfish account. Find out more

Create gifts

Your photos look great on mugs, mousepads, calendars and more. Photo gifts are the most personal gifts possible. Make the people you love happy on birthdays, holidays, or any occasion. Find out more
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